Having been involved in the administration of junior sport for many years, Shane Heffernan (Managing Director of Bidpro) is passionate about the importance of children being actively involved in sport and the importance of companies offering financial support to junior sports clubs that provide the means for kids to be participate.

Sadly, around 40 per cent of Australian children don’t participate in sport at all.  This must change and taking steps to reduce children’s sedentary time is vital.

Some of the many benefits of sport participation for children include reduced risk of obesity, increased cardiovascular fitness, healthy growth of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons, improved coordination and balance, a greater ability to physically relax, improved sleep as well as mental health benefits such as greater confidence,  improved social skills and improved personal skills.

In support of junior sport, Bidpro has developed a business community program called kidsintosport which it hopes will be embraced by hundreds of businesses throughout Australia over coming years.

Kidsintosport is a not-for-profit collective that brings together like-minded companies whose common objective is to financially support local community sports clubs that provide junior competition in all forms of sport … football, cricket, tennis, netball, basketball, hockey, soccer, rugby, athletics and many others.



How it works

Every time we at Bidpro are appointed by a client as his/her property advocate, we will donate a percentage of our fee to a junior sports club of that client’s choice.

As more companies come on board and join us as members of kidsintosport , the impact of this program will be profound. By donating portion of our fees, we aim to deliver a reliable source of ongoing funding to junior sports clubs.  This will help to maintain their viability and enable them to promote greater participation.

The costs of running a sporting club have escalated in recent years to the point that many are suffering severe financial constraints . It is hoped that this initiative will go a long way to resolving this growing problem.

If you are associated with a company that would consider joining the kidsintosport program, please contact Shane Heffernan on 0418 511 390 and he will be pleased to provide you with additional information.