Who can you trust ?

In almost every aspect of wealth creation, most people take advice on how best to achieve a successful outcome.  Whether investing in a business, shares, property or currency, good results are usually underpinned by reliable, informed advice from people who are expert in their field.

When buying a home or investment property, buyers must understand that it is the real agent’s responsibility to act first and foremost for his client, the vendor.  The agent must endeavour to achieve the maximum price on the very best terms and is under no obligation to protect a buyer from making an uninformed decision on any aspect of the property transaction.

It follows, therefore, that prudent buyers will engage a trusted, reliable advocate to help them through the maze of issues that need to be addressed when buying real estate. There can not only be a great risk in relying upon information provided to you throughout the marketing campaign but there may also be important, undisclosed information that needs to be considered.

Here are just some of the issues you will need to address:

Are there any local developments that are likely to affect its current and future value?

Are there any town planning or environmental controls that will limit its scope for further improvement?

Who do I engage to undertake a thorough structural assessment of the improvements?

Should I have a legal review of the sale documents and who should I appoint to do this?

What will be the impact of any heritage or vegetation overlays?

A professional advocate will readily identify the issues and provide informed advice on how best to deal with them.

Your advocate will also help you in answering the many questions that determine whether the property is the right one for you and what your parameters of purchase should be:

Is this a good location?

What are the property’s prospects for future capital gain?

What is the maximum price you should pay?

Should and can you obtain an extended settlement period?

How do you handle the sale of your existing home?

Should you bid at auction yourself and what advantages are there in having an advocate bid for you?

And so…….Who can you trust to be your reliable, informed advocate?

There are now many property advocates operating in the marketplace who provide the expertise and reliability you need.

At Bidpro, we believe we are at the forefront of providing property advocacy services. You can trust us

to provide reliable, honest and informed advice based on our wealth of experience.  

Our track record and reputation speaks for itself.


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