Take a break and grant Power of Attorney

So, you have booked a long overdue holiday and the house you want to buy has come on the market and will be auctioned while you are away.

This can be one of many reasons why people need someone they can rely upon for help in securing a property in their absence. Work commitments, business conferences and sickness can be others.

We at Bidpro can help with a very simple solution. We often act for clients under Power of Attorney. This means that before you depart, you complete a legal document that authorises us to sign the Contract of Sale on your behalf for the purchase of a specified property.

You can go away knowing that you will be represented professionally and with all legal safeguards in place to secure the property of your choice and within the limits of your budget.

We have a standard POA document we use which has been prepared by property lawyers and meets all legal requirements. The document is also accompanied by a form which states clearly the maximum price to which you authorise us to bid for the property.

Your absence from an auction or sale negotiation never presents a problem. We can handle everything from go to whoa, giving you peace of mind that you are not walking away from an opportunity to purchase a property that you really like or need.


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