Our clients suddenly became “empty nesters” and their family home had become far too big for their day to day needs. It was time to move on and begin the next phase of their lives.

We commenced the search for a smaller home that matched the lifestyle to which they have been accustomed but smaller in scale.

2 Belmont Avenue, Kew, came to the market and ticked all the boxes in terms of our clients’ requirements.

One small hitch…our clients were travelling overseas a week before the auction date and would not be back in time for the auction. Fortunately, this is never a problem for Bidpro. We devised a strategy, attended the auction, fought off two competing bidders and purchased the property under the hammer within .05% of the price we recommended they pay. We also negotiated a 5 months settlement to enable our clients to plan their transition from their existing home.

It was extremely pleasing to receive the following testimonial on completing the transaction:

Dear Shane,

Just a brief note to thank you for your assistance with the acquisition of the property in Kew. Being overseas at the time of the auction, it was an enormous relief to have you and BidPro guiding us through the process. We both harbored a deep sense of confidence in the plan; your advice was spot on; the price range proved completely accurate; your direction regarding strategy was perfect, and your support, common sense, and guidance were invaluable.

Whilst I am not sure that I would have engaged the services of a buyer's advocate in other circumstances, it is abundantly clear to us that, having done so, was to our obvious benefit, was a strong advantage on auction day, but also provided to us a clear understanding of the process, placed real structure and limits around our spending, and made the whole experience so much less stressful! I have no doubt that we benefited enormously from your representation, and I mean financially, by seeking and using your expertise, advice and knowledge.


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