We are with you every step of the way.

At bidpro, we can guide you through the maze of issues to secure the right property, at the right price, in the right location and on the most favourable terms.


Most of our clients appoint us to undertake every aspect of the property purchase for which we implement a 6 step process:

  1. We meet with you to refine your requirement and budget;

  2. Commence the search in line with your brief;

  3. Assist you decide on a preferred property;

  4. Coordinate due diligence, including legal and structural, to ensure there are no hidden risks in proceeding with the purchase;

  5. Advise you on the maximum price you should pay;

  6. Negotiate the purchase (either by bidding at auction or in off market negotiation).

Some of our clients wish to have some involvement in the process. We welcome client participation … as little or as much as our clients prefer.



Often we are asked solely to bid at the auction of a property our client has already identified and researched. We do this on a regular basis.

This service works well for clients who are absent through work or travel, for those who wish to remain anonymous in the purchasing process or for those who are not confident bidding themselves.



The purchase of a secure commercial property investment can be highly rewarding but there are many factors that need to be carefully investigated to achieve long term success.

Considerations such as passing vs potential income, capital growth prospects, property condition and capital expenditure outlook, redevelopment options, tenancy arrangements and your own risk appetite are only some of them.

We have many years experience in all property categories and can work through the most complex of issues to buy or sell at the best price and on the most favourable commercial terms.



Every residential property has its own complexities that often require careful consideration. Finding the right property that meets all your needs can be involved and very time consuming.

At Bidpro, we can guide you through the maze of issues to buy the right property for the right price in the right location and on the most favourable terms.



We do not sell residential nor commercial property but we can manage the process on your behalf.

Selling a property seems simple enough but –

  • What is a fair commission to pay an agent?

  • What is the right amount you should spend on marketing?

  • Which agent should you appoint to get the best result?

  • How can you be confident that your agent’s advice is the right advice?

There are literally dozens of decisions to make when marketing and selling a property and that’s before you get to the big decision of what price to accept and when.

We have acted for hundreds of sellers and can navigate you through the real estate sales process to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve a top result . In fact, we can run the process from beginning to end to ensure you achieve maximum performance from your agent and the best price for your property.



Our fees are not based on a percentage of the purchase price. They are based on flat rates and are capped.  Before you engage us, we will tell you the maximum price you will pay for our services,  i.e. the amount that will not, in any circumstances, be exceeded.  In this way you will be able to accurately budget in terms of the overall cost of purchasing a property.  

You will find our fees highly competitive by industry comparison and the quality of our service second to none.

Please feel free to call us at any time to discuss our fees.  Shane Heffernan may be contacted on 0418 511 390.